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Electronic Medical Records

What is an Electronic Medical Record?

An electronic medical record is a computerized version of your paper medical record. It includes all information needed to care for you, such as your medical history (allergies, medications, test results and other pertinent information) as well as your contact and insurance information.

As always, the privacy of your medical information is strictly protected. Only medical providers and personnel involved in your care will access your medical record. Sawtooth Mountain Clinic has strict security measures in place to protect your information, including a system that monitors who has accessed your medical record.

Advantages of Electronic Medical Record

SMC's electronic medical record will have all the information that your caregivers need to provide you and your family with safe, quality care. Some of the system's benefits include:

Timely access to your medical information
Caregivers can see your complete medical history with a few clicks of the computer mouse.

Immediate safety checks
The electronic medical record is designed to cross-check any new prescriptions your caregiver is considering to ensure there are no negative interactions with your allergies and current medications.

Quicker access to test results
Your caregiver is immediately notified electronically when test results have been added to your medical record.
For More Information please talk to your doctor or caregiver.
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