Welcome to Your Home for Health Care on the North Shore of Lake Superior

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the phone number for the hospital?

What is the phone number for physical therapy?

What is the phone number of the dental office?

What is the phone number for the care center?

Can the Sawtooth Mountain Clinic front desk transfer my call to the hospital/physical therapy/etc?
No, you must dial those numbers directly.

Do I need to cancel my appointment for a complete physical exam if I cannot get my lab work done one week prior?

Do I need to make an appointment to get lab work done?

Where do I get my lab work done?
At the North Shore Hospital, which is connected to the clinic.

I am running late – can I still be seen when I arrive?
This depends on today’s schedule and how late you will be.

What are ‘fasting instructions’ for lipid panel lab test?
Have a low fat meal the night before, nothing to eat or drink 9-12 hours before specimen collection (you may take your medication with water), and no alcohol for 24 hours prior to specimen collection.

Why can’t I get an appointment for a physical sooner?
Due to the length of time for a medical provider to complete a physical exam, generally the exams are scheduled 4-6 weeks out, to accommodate time needed.

I called last month for complete physical exam for this month, now you are telling me the schedule is full?
Appointments are made on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis. When you make your appointment, we will get you in as soon as the schedule permits.

What does my insurance cover?
Different plans have different levels of coverage. Please call the phone number on your insurance card to find out what your plan covers.

Why do I have to schedule an annual physical exam to renew my medications?
We require an annual exam to make sure the medications prescribed a year ago are still working properly for you.

Which insurance companies does the clinic have contracts with?
Minnesota Medicaid
Blue Cross of Minnesota
Health Partners

Can you give me directions to the clinic? 
As you come in to Grand Marais on Highway 61, turn onto 5th Ave. W.  At the top of the hill, at the intersection of County Rd. 7 and 5th Ave. W., you will see the clinic facility.  Follow 5th Ave. W. to the main entrance for the Sawtooth Mountain Clinic and North Shore Hospital.  Park in the upper lot.

Do I need to see a doctor?
Call 218-387-2330 and ask for a nurse. Our nurses are on staff every day during office hours. A nurse will answer your questions and help you decide if you need to visit the doctor or another medical professional.

What do I do if I need medical help outside of your business hours?
For medical emergencies, call 911.
For non-emergency medical assistance when clinic is closed, call Cook County North Shore Hospital: 218-387-3040.panerai replica watches uk
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