Health Care Home Patient Panel

Would you like to become more involved with Sawtooth Mountain Clinic?

Sawtooth Mountain Clinic is a Certified Health Care Home. This means that we provide a team-based approach to linking primary care with wellness, prevention, self-management and community services. We are looking for volunteers to join our Health Care Home Patient Panel.

What is the Health Care Home Patient Panel?

The Health Care Home Patient Panel is a diverse group of current patients or family members who represent the collective voice of our patients and families. Panel members collaborate with clinic staff to support patient care, planning, policies and procedures. Sawtooth Mountain Clinic aims to provide services crafted to respond to community need and feedback provided by this panel will help inform these services.

What Types of Issues Will the Panel Address?

The panel may discuss any aspect of clinic operations from facility design and patient safety to communications. The goals of the panel are to:

1. Strengthen decision-making by drawing upon the diverse experiences and viewpoints of the people who look to Sawtooth Mountain Clinic for care.

2. Collaborate with Sawtooth Mountain Clinic employees to improve quality, service, safety, access, education and patient/family satisfaction.

3. Enhance relationships between Sawtooth Mountain Clinic patients, families and the community.

What if I am an Employee or a Family Member of an Employee?

All applicants will be considered for membership on the HCH Patient Panel.

What Qualifications is SMC looking for in Panel Members?
  • Current patient or a family member of a current patient of Sawtooth Mountain Clinic.
  • Willingness to talk about the positive and negative care experience as a patient or family member of a patient.
  • Ability to listen to and think about what others say and discuss respectfully.
When and Where Are Meeting Held?

Meetings will be held quarterly. Meeting day and time will be set by the panel and what works best for the group. Meetings will be remote or in person, depending on panel preference.

What Type of Commitment is Required?

We ask panel members to make a one-year commitment. We also understand that “life happens” and commitments may need to be amended.

How to Apply

Apply online or print and turn in a paper application at the Front Desk. Paper applications are also available at the clinic. Please apply by March 1st, 2024.