Family Home Visiting

The Family Home Visiting program is tailored to your needs to maximize your health and confidence in pregnancy and early parenting. The goal is to support you by listening and providing information to promote perinatal wellness and healthy infant growth and development. Visits with a registered nurse take place wherever is convenient for you – in your home, at the office, or other location of your preference.

Why participate?

    • Work toward your goals for a healthy pregnancy
    • Gain confidence in breastfeeding and navigating its challenges
    • Discover your baby’s cues for communicating his or her needs
    • Find support in the transition to parenting
    • Find support in recovery from a pregnancy loss or termination
    • Learn about your growing infant’s development
    • Learn about & access an infant car seat
    • Plan to make your home safe for your baby to live & play
    • Connect to healthcare, childcare & other services available in our community
    • Set goals for your family’s future, and find ways to reach them


Our home visit nurse makes an effort to reach out to every family following news of a birth in Cook County, but you can request a visit at any time during or after pregnancy. Participation is voluntary, and there is no out-of-pocket cost. You may choose to have a single visit or build an ongoing relationship through a series of visits.

To make an appointment, contact:

Hannah Miller, RN, PHN, CLC

tel. (218)387-2330, mobile (218)370-2074