New Patients and Visitors


While we appreciate the positive impact that visitors have on our community, we ask that you refrain from traveling to Cook County, MN if you are sick. If you get sick while visiting Cook County we recommend that you go home. Your home healthcare system will have all of your health information and the resources to best address your healthcare needs.

To learn more about Cook County’s response to COVID-19, please visit our COVID-19 page or the county’s Coronavirus Response Hub.

Establishing Care

If you are new to the area or just looking to transfer your care to Sawtooth Mountain Clinic from another facility you will want to follow these steps:

Acute Care

While we are not an Urgent Care facility we do accommodate same day appointments for new patients as our schedule allows. We do not currently accept “walk ins” as part of our new entrance and screening procedures in response to COVID-19.

If you are visiting Cook County or are otherwise not established at SMC and believe you need to be seen by a medical professional please call and ask to speak with our triage nurse. The triage nurse can answer medical questions and help decide if you should be scheduled for a telehealth visit or an in-clinic visit. If you are from out of town and just visiting than the triage nurse may recommend that you go home to be treated at your home healthcare facility.

New Patient Resources