Breast/Chestfeeding Support

Breast/chestfeeding support

Human milk protects infant and parent health and provides optimal nutrition. A nurse/certified lactation counselor is here to assist you in meeting your infant feeding goals.  What benefits come from connecting with a lactation counselor?

  • Make a plan for feeding that meets your family’s needs
  • Prepare for an easier start with an understanding of newborn reflexes, feeding cues, and managing milk supply
  • Weigh your baby and build confidence
  • Overcome breastfeeding challenges toward a comfortable, enjoyable bonding experience
  • Get familiar with positions and strategies for latching
  • Learn to express and store your milk for emergencies or planned time away from your baby
  • Make a plan for expressing milk at work and find support in conversations with employers
  •  Get help with balancing the introduction of solid foods with continued breastfeeding
  • Learn about how to produce milk again if you’ve stopped and want to start again
  • Navigate lactation after pregnancy loss
  • Find support for weaning


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You can request a free nurse visit to support you at any point in your journey. Visits will be tailored based on your goals and will take place in the home, a place of your choosing, online, or by phone.


To make an appointment, contact:

Hannah Miller, RN, PHN, CLC

tel. (218)387-2330, mobile (218)370-2074